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ATC Revisited – Sarah Thornton

Last night, art world ethnographer Sarah Thornton discussed the increasingly decentralized art industry and how the forces of globalization are both creating opportunities [...]

2 February, 2016

Meet Jen Schradie

Jen Schradie has never been afraid to confront the societal inequality she witnesses. During her undergraduate studies, Jen was involved with the farm workers’ movement and was active both in the United States and Mexico – eventually living with agricultural workers in Nicaragua at the height of the Contra War. In the American South, she has worked closely with activist groups fighting against poverty, racial discrimination, and inadequate healthcare and education by editing and creating documentary films. [...]

1 May, 2014

BCNM's Coye Cheshire Awarded NSF Grant

BCNM Graduate Adviser and Berkeley School of Information Associate Professor Coye Cheshire was awarded a $207,000 grant by the National Science Foundation for his project [...]

9 August, 2013

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