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ATC Revisited: Tom Sachs

Tom began his lecture by cycling through some of the influences on his art — from their sympathetic foundations (making a “camera” for his father, who could [...]

19 October, 2016

Critical Making Exhibition Revisited

Critical Making students operationalize and critique the practice of making through both foundational literature and hands on studio culture. As hybrid practitioners, [...]

12 May, 2016

ATC Revisited: Adrien Segal

On November 30th 2015, Adrien Segal presented a lecture on Material Evidence, with a discussion on scientific inquiry, sensory experience, and the creative process. Segal [...]

1 December, 2015

Jacobs Institute Winter Design Showcase

On Wednesday, December 9, and Thursday, December 10, the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation will hold its first design showcase.  The presentations will feature demos [...]

30 November, 2015

Meet Björn Hartmann

Björn Hartmann has had many job titles: inventor, designer, artist, DJ, producer. He can now add tenured professor to this list. In July, Björn was promoted to Associate [...]

17 November, 2015

Hertzian Armor Featured on AdaFruit

Eric Paulos’ Spring 2015 Critical Making class gets another shout-out on AdaFruit’s Wearable Wednesdays with Hertzian Armor, a wearable that makes the invisible [...]

14 July, 2015

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