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NetProv as Performance Art

Netprov is internet improv. Netprov is the foil to internet catfishing. Catfishing for the uninitiated is “the deceptive activity of creating a sock puppet social [...]

30 September, 2016

Julian Oliver ATC Lecture Now Online

Julian Oliver’s ATC lecture is now up and available for public viewing online.  Oliver presented an overview of his work which explores the increasingly surveilled [...]

9 November, 2015

ATC Lecture – Julian Oliver Revisited

Julian Oliver presented an overview of his work, which explores the increasingly surveilled world in which we live.  His work tries to make people aware of the layers of [...]

5 November, 2015

David Bates At Google

Prof. David Bates (Rhetoric) helped organize, with Harry Halpin (MIT) and Peter Norvig (Google), a day-long seminar on “Philosophy of the Web,” hosted by Google [...]

1 April, 2015

Andrea Horbinski

Andrea Horbinski is a PhD candidate in History and New Media DE whose research combines transnational history, new media, and fan studies methods and themes. Her [...]

25 February, 2015

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