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Ron Rael ATC Video Now Online

The video recording of Ron Rael’s ATC lecture – Unnatural: People, Energy and Materials – on April 4th is now online. Rael connected the border wall which [...]

5 April, 2016

Laura Sydell on UC Cyber Security

NPR has recently published an article in their All Tech Considered: Privacy and Security column. Laura Sydell writes on the recent UC privacy and cybersecurity controversy. [...]

15 March, 2016

Meet Andrea Horbinski

Perhaps nowhere are comics more influential than in Japan, where manga has long been a cultural touchstone and inspired a worldwide fan following. But for such a popular [...]

17 November, 2015

New Summer 2016 Courses

We’re excited to be featuring two new courses in Summer 2016! NWMEDIA R1B, 4 units SOFTWARE and AESTHETICS N. Gutierrez Session D, MTWTh This course will investigate [...]

22 October, 2015

Summer Award Dispatches: KC Forcier

This year, the BCNM awarded five new media graduate students with summer fellowships to help support their dissertation research and writing. Here’s what KC Forcier [...]

30 July, 2015

Tech Award Dispatches: Naomi Bragin

This year, the BCNM awarded five new media graduate students with technology services and training awards to help them fund the support they need to further their research [...]

27 July, 2015

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