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Computer Science

Ken Goldberg at Hub ’15

Ken Goldberg presented this week at the Hub conference in Germany.  The Hub conference brought together business leaders, industry regulators, consultants, entrepreneurs, [...]

10 December, 2015

Meet Björn Hartmann

Björn Hartmann has had many job titles: inventor, designer, artist, DJ, producer. He can now add tenured professor to this list. In July, Björn was promoted to Associate [...]

17 November, 2015

Valkyrie Savage’s CS 160 Showcase

This summer BCNM DE Valkyrie Savage (Computer Science) taught the popular course Computer Science 160: User Interface Design and Development. Over the course of eight short [...]

20 August, 2015

David Bates At Google

Prof. David Bates (Rhetoric) helped organize, with Harry Halpin (MIT) and Peter Norvig (Google), a day-long seminar on “Philosophy of the Web,” hosted by Google [...]

1 April, 2015

BEARS Revisited

The 2015 Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium hosted a BCNM open house last Thursday on February 12. Rama Gottfried showcased new interfaces for making electronic music [...]

17 February, 2015

Smartwatch Presentation Revisited

Eric Paulos’ CS160: User Interface Design Course was presented the challenge and opportunity of creating app which incorporate both smartphones and the Toq Smartwatch, [...]

12 December, 2014

Meet Eric Paulos

A maker, a thinker, a tinkerer, Eric Paulos has been immersed in robotics from an early age. Before even enrolling in university, he’d taught computing and constructed his own machines. Eric is not just interested in creating, however — his work seeks to interrogate and critique the world in which we live. [...]

2 June, 2014

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