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Meet Andrea Horbinski

Perhaps nowhere are comics more influential than in Japan, where manga has long been a cultural touchstone and inspired a worldwide fan following. But for such a popular [...]

17 November, 2015

Summer Award Dispatches: Grace Gipson

This year, the BCNM awarded five new media graduate students with summer fellowships to help support their dissertation research and writing. Here’s what Grace Gipson [...]

8 July, 2015

Summer 2015 Research Awards

BCNM is proud to announce the recipients of its Summer 2015 Research Awards! Kiera Chase Kiera Chase is a PhD Candidate in the Joint Doctoral Program–Special Education at [...]

6 April, 2015

Andrea Horbinski

Andrea Horbinski is a PhD candidate in History and New Media DE whose research combines transnational history, new media, and fan studies methods and themes. Her [...]

25 February, 2015

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