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Undergraduate Certificate in New Media

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The Undergraduate Certificate program emphasizes the critical understanding and practice of new media through interdisciplinary perspectives. The certificate introduces students to the changing new media landscape that is transforming the way we think in the fields of art, technology, the humanities, and social sciences. Our students learn to innovate as they question the impact of new media on the human experience. The certificate program will serve as a pilot and a portal for undergraduate engagement in new media. The certificate is not an official program offered by Undergraduate Education and will not be noted on a student’s transcript.



Students should take a project-based undergraduate seminar at NWMEDIA with learning goals that will include new media theory, new media tools, prototyping, evaluation methods, and collaboration methods. This course will be listed as a course for EECS Design Minors, among others. Currently, in Spring 2015, BCNM plans to offer a Freshman seminar to fulfill this requirement.


Help organize and manage a BCNM conference, lecture, hackathon, or workshop. Students will have the opportunity to interact extensively with new media faculty, and will be immersed in the subject. Students can also propose a new media event to the BCNM. These applications will be considered by the Executive Committee.


Enroll in a New Media Graduate-Level course

Students will be challenged to think critically about new media in the graduate-level courses the BCNM offers. They will produce either a design project or a substantial paper depending on the class, showing their thorough appreciation for transformations in new media. Since these courses are intended for graduates, students will need to seek instructor approval to enroll in the class. Currently, the BCNM offers the following graduate courses: NWMEDIA 200: History and Theory of New Media, NWMEDIA 201: Questioning New Media, NWMEDIA 202: New Media Methods, NWMEDIA 203: Critical Making, NWMEDIA C262: Tangible User Interfaces, NWMEDIA C263: Technologies for Creativity and Learning, NWMEDIA C265: Interface Aesthetics, and NWMEDIA 290: Special Topics in New Media.


Produce a final project during an independent study on a new media topic

Students may enroll in an independent study with a BCNM faculty member to produce an extended paper or final project on a new media topic of their choice. Topics must be pre-approved by the BCNM Director. The paper should exhibit the student’s thorough command of new media concepts.


To apply for the undergraduate certificate in New Media, send your C.V., along with a brief one paragraph mission statement to by November 1.


In order to offer a Decal through the Berkeley Center for New Media, you must be enrolled as a new media certificate student. You will also need to find a NWMEDIA faculty sponsor, preferably from among our core executive committee. Once you have found a faculty sponsor, please follow the following steps:

  • Receive syllabus approval from your faculty sponsor and have them sign the IoR Responsibilities Form
  • Fill in the Course Proposals form (here’s a helpful sheet to map out units of credit)
  • Submit both forms to Lara Wolfe in 426 Sutardja Dai Hall in hardcopy and by email ( Once the director has reviewed the documents, Lara will contact you with further questions or asking you to pick up the signed documents, which you should then file with COCI and the Decal offices.
  • Once fully approved, you can submit your scheduling preferences to Lara via email.
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