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Announcing our Spring 2017 DE & Certificate Incoming Cohort

Photo credit: XoMEoX "Sound insulation" 2016

Please join us in welcoming our latest cohort of designated emphasis and certificate students! We’re so pleased to have their unique intellectual inquiries as part of our program!

Designated Emphasis

IMG_0277Peter Humphrey is a PhD candidate in musicology at Berkeley, having moved to the Bay from London in 2015. He developed his study of music at the University of York and King’s College London where he researched a wide variety of topics that include aesthetic discourse in the music of 19th Century London, the philosophy of belief in the work of Sun Ra, and issues of media and critical theory in the music genre, Vaporware. Interested in the histories of sound technologies and how they apply to and shape music, Peter’s new media research is both theoretical and practical, with a particular focus on how music is impacted by the organisation of sound. Peter is currently working on a dissertation topic centered on the technologies and understandings of “loudness” in the 20th Century.

Masters Certificate

Michelle_Square-200Michelle Carney is currently pursuing a Masters in Information Management and Systems at the School of Information, concentrating in the intersection between data science and user experience. Michelle is particularly interested in questions around perception, cognition, and auditory experiences. Research interest include the language people use to describe sounds (i.e., “soft,” “round,” “sharp”) and how to create physical tangible experiences that interplay with sound, as well as the role of auditory experiences in everyday life.

1 (1)Yuxu (Grace) Han has a Bachelor of Electronic and Information Engineering Degree from Capital Normal University in Beijing and is now a Masters in Architecture candidate at the University of California Berkeley (UCB). Yuxu has worked in the field of architecture/design in Copenhagen with COBE, Berlin with LAVA, and Woodsbagot in Beijing. Yuxu has also interned with UCOP and UCSF to analyze the energy performance and space management of design proposals. She is interested in finding connections between art and technology as her career unfolds.

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