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Ashley Jerbic at the Stanford Learning Summit

BCNM undergraduate certificate student Ashley Jerbic spoke at the Stanford Learning Summit on her research and projects in a session on developments in Digital Humanities. Ashley has been extensively engaged in areas of research that touch upon 3D imaging, art history, art practice, and archaeology. Although an undergraduate, the depth of Ashley’s research allowed her to present her work alongside university faculty, including BCNM’s Ed Campion and UC Berkeley’s Claudia Von Vacano. Congratulations, Ashley, on this remarkable achievement!

In Ashley’s own words:
When presenting at Stanford’s Online Learning Summit 2016 with the UC Berkeley Digital Humanities department, I was able to meet so many interesting and distinguished people from a variety of fields. Specifically, this session showcased interesting projects and delved into their relationship to humanities research and education today. I presented alongside Peter Brantley (UC Davis) Edmund Campion (Berkeley) Nicholas Jenkins (Stanford), Emily Schneider (Stanford), and Claudia Von Vacano, (UC Berkeley). All of whom had fascinating and interesting projects that are at the forefront of Digital Humanities innovation. This experience was truly transformative on my outlook for future research. For example, it was wonderful to listen to other people’s projects because it gave me ideas for projects that I have always thought about doing, but never really had the knowledge to begin. Therefore, this experience dramatically enriched my understanding of how I would want to approach a problem within my research. Overall, the Summit was a great place for me to meet new people and think about the possibility of future research projects that I could pursue as a graduate student.

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