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Ken Goldberg at Hub ’15

Ken Goldberg presented this week at the Hub conference in Germany.  The Hub conference brought together business leaders, industry regulators, consultants, entrepreneurs, and tinkerers together for a series of talks and workshops on the theme of disruptive technologies.  Hub speakers expounded upon ways in which technology can reshape business practice and how government regulators, businesses, and innovators can harness technology for the future.  Goldberg presented  on the topic “Robots With Their Heads in the Cloud,” positing that with Big Data, cloud computing, machine-learning, and open-source systems, robots in the future will increasingly be ‘social.’  Like the Google car, future robots will be connected to each other and to a network capable of statistical optimization and Cloud-based grid computing which will allow rapid data sharing and accelerate learning for robots and automated systems.  Goldberg also showed the award-winning documentary co-directed with his wife, filmmaker Tiffany Shlain, “Why We Love Robots.”

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