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ATC Revisited: Adrien Segal

On November 30th 2015, Adrien Segal presented a lecture on Material Evidence, with a discussion on scientific inquiry, sensory experience, and the creative process.

Segal shares her design method that integrates scientific research, data visualization, aesthetic interpretation and materiality as a means to engage a broad audience and evoke dialogue, wonder, and consciousness about changes in our natural environment.

Adrien Segal is a sculptural data artist and designer based in Oakland, CA. Her work has been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums, and is published in several books and academic journals. Adrien has been an Artist in Residence at Facebook, the Bunnell Art Center in Homer, Alaska and at the Pier 9 Workshop in San Francisco. She holds a BFA in Furniture Design from California College of the Arts, and was the Wornick Distinguished Visiting Professor at CCA this Fall. In addition to teaching, she pursues her creative practice out of her studio on the former Naval Base in Alameda, CA.

Check out the photos and highlights below!

2015 ATC Segal

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