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Alex Saum-Pascual Teaching Spanish E-Lit this Spring

BCNM’s Alex Saum-Pascual is offering  a new undergraduate course this spring that offers an overview of an emerging and ephemeral body of literature: electronic literature.  Since the introduction of computers, people have been exploring the sensory, experiential, and informational opportunities and boundaries of electronic media and story-crafting.  Much of the research into this electronic literature has largely focused around English sources, but Saum-Pascual combats this tendency by focusing on innovation in Spanish e-lit.   Saum-Pascual’s course, “Electronic Literature: A Critical Writing & Making Course,” offers students the opportunity to read and learn theoretical and analytic tools to discuss electronic literature while also learning the how to hack, remix, and create their own digital poetry and stories.  Student work will be exhibited along as part of the “No Legacy || Literatura Electrónica” exhibition in Doe Library during the summer of 2016.  The course itself will be taught in Spanish, but non-Spanish majors/minors can opt to do their assignments in English.

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