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Kate Mattingly on Dancer’s Group


BCNM DE candidate Kate Mattingly recently wrote an article on Dancer’s Group about Joe Goode’s project Poetics of Space. Congratulations, Kate!

Here is an excerpt from the article:
“For a guy who’s interested in the “up close and personal,” Joe Goode is awfully hard to meet up with. When we spoke by phone in July about his new project Poetics of Space, he was in Los Angeles and had been on the road for teaching and performance projects: Manhattan (KS), Chico (CA), and, most recently, Buenos Aires. A sabbatical from Goode’s teaching position at the University of California, Berkeley gave him muchneeded time and support—he was recently awarded a $32,000 grant from the university to research genealogies of Argentinean performance—and in spite of how different his projects may seem, they are bound by Goode’s dedication to human relationships and their vagaries.”

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