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Ada Initiative Shutting Down


thumbnailWe’re sad to hear that the feminist non-profit organization the Ada Initiative is closing its doors mid-October. The Ada Initiative helps women get involved and stay involved in open source, open data, open education, and other areas of free and open technology and culture. They’ve achieved a lot since 2011, helping to make anti-harassment policies standard in tech conferences, holding their own conferences to connect women, as well as trainings to assist women in overcoming imposter syndrome and sexism in the workplace. If you want to learn more about this announcement, the founders posted a very thoughtful explanation for their closure on their blog and the DailyDot has an excellent article on their wonderful work here.

BCNM’s own Andrea Horbinski has served on the Board of Directors for the Ada Initiative. “I’m proud of what @adainitiative has accomplished, and looking forward to seeing what the people whose lives it has changed do next,” she tweeted. “Most of all, I’m proud to have been an @adainitiative supporter, donor, advisor, and Board member. It was a privilege to work with TAI.”

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