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Greg Niemeyer on Data Privacy at NOST

ThumbnailBCNM Director Greg Niemeyer discussed Data Privacy on June 23rd at the Netherlands Office of Science and Technology (NOST). Joining Greg were fellow panelists Mark Nelson, co-director of the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab, David Kim, a Lumiata board member, and Adi Kamdar, an Electronic Frontier Foundation activist. The conversation focused on data privacy in a rapidly growing connected world of intelligent machines, where the implications of sharing private information can be dangerous on an individual level, but the ubiquitous data proves essential for larger goals of disease prevention and infrastructure optimization. Central to the exchange was the obligations and expectations of both users and providers engaging in the Internet of Things. In particular, what actors are involved in this complex information economy and how we can ensure they act for the common good.

NOST Silicon Valley is part of the Netherlands Office for Science and Technology network, which is part of the Dutch Ministery of Economic Affairs. NOSTSV operates out of the Netherlands Consulate General in San Francisco, covering the west of the US and Canada, to proactively improve the innovation capacity in the Netherlands by acting as liaisons between actors in innovation and entrepreneurship in the US.

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