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BCNM at SCMS Montreal Conference


The 2015 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference was held from March 25-29, in the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. The Berkeley Center for New Media was well represented at the conference by a diverse group of faculty, alumni, and current DE students. Congratulations to the BCNM members who contributed towards this exciting exploration of cinema and media studies!

Film faculty member Kristen Whissel chaired the “Dimensionality of the Moving Image” session, and presented on “Parallax Effects: Epistemology, Affect, and 3D Cinema”. Irene Chien of Muhlenberg College, a BCNM alumnus, was chair for “Para-Gaming: Gaming Beside Itself” and presented on “Dancing Towards Global Interconnection in Mobile Phone Gameplay”. David Humphrey (Middlebury College, alumnus), presented “The Art of the Close-Out: ‘Mozaiku’ Blurring and Japanese Television” and was the chair for the session “Opting-In/Opting-Out: Embodiment, Visibility and Opacity in Media Publics”. Brooke Belisle (Stony Brook University, alumnus), presented “Surveillance Panoramas: From Cinematic Montage to Digital Mosaic”. Alenda Chang (University of Connecticut, alumnus), presented “The Game without Us”. Margaret Rhee (UCLA, alumnus), presented “The Digital as Drag”.

Current graduate students with a designated emphasis in New Media also presented on a wide variety of topics. Christopher Goetz presented “The Fantasy that Never Takes Place: Nostalgia and Videogames”, Nicholaus Gutierrez presented “The World in Our Image: Media and Materialism on the Virtual Plane”, Kaitlin Forcier presented “Executing Images: Beheading Videos and Drone Strikes in the War on Terror”, and Bonnie Ruberg presented “Playing to Lose: The Queer Art of Failing at Video Games”.

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