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Shannon Jackson to be Associate Vice Chancellor of Arts and Design


Chancellor Dirks has announced the creation of a new faculty leadership position, and that Professor Shannon Jackson has agreed to take on this role a the Associate Vice Chancellor of Arts and Design.

A faculty member in rhetoric as well as theater, dance and performance studies (TDPS), Shannon Jackson currently directs the campus’s Arts Research Center and serves on the boards of Cal Performances and the Berkeley Art Museum. Professor Jackson has close affiliations in the History of Art, Art Practice, the Berkeley Center for New Media, and other centers and departments on campus. During her 17 years teaching at Berkeley, she established an interdisciplinary doctoral program in performance studies and chaired the TDPS department. Among other campus-level duties, she served as a member and then chair of the Budget Committee for the university. Shannon is currently a Guggenheim fellow, which is allowing her to complete a project on literacy and coalition across the arts.

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