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Natural Frequencies Revisited


Natural Frequencies commenced the Sather Tower Centennial with a ‘shake’ as crowds gathered to watch and listen to a musical and visual performance like no other. Connecting real time seismological data to the carillon of Sather Tower, the Natural Frequencies production team was able to produce a surreal and thought provoking musical manifestation of the tectonic shift going on underneath our feet. The performance brought a new perspective on the earth’s internal workings which are too often ignored in the seismologically active Bay Area and a 21st century musical facelift to one Cal’s most beloved icons.

Check out photos from the event:

Alex Turney’s wonderful recording of the performance:

Natural Frequencies from alex turney on Vimeo.

And we were watching too! Take a look at our take of Natural Frequencies:

Embed YouTube video of crowd watching the performance from below

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