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DE Student Jen Schradie Featured on

ThumbnailBCNM DE student Jen Schradie’s (Sociology) article on the impact of income inequality on Big Data appears on “Big Data Not Big Enough? How the Digital Divide Leaves People Out” explores how not only age but also income and social disparities result in a significant divide between those interconnected and those marginalized in the digital world. Jen warns how this gap impacts our understanding of data and subsequent perceptions of the world: “I am not arguing that Big Data, therefore, should be discarded. Quite the opposite — it is not only a literal gold mine of information but it is also fascinating and fun to analyze. Instead, we need to figure out ways to use information from the digital cloud in a methodological way that represents all of society, not just those online, or at a minimum, recognize that it is smaller than we might have thought.”

Read the full article here.

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