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New Media Working Group: Henry Witecki, Visual Artist, Oakland

October 16, 2012, 6:30pm
BCNM Commons, 340 Moffitt Undergraduate Library, UC Berkeley

In this meeting of the Townsend Center New Media Working Group, Visual Artist Henry Witecki will present his recent body of composite images, animations, and projection works. An expanded photographic practice, Witecki is working with the iPhone, and processing the images in Adobe Photoshop to generate works of new media that blur certitude. The conditions for the production of this art work are: the proliferation of the digital photograph, how that proliferation relates to the construction of memory and imaginary, and the networks with which these images can be exchanged, processed and otherwise intra-acted with.

Topics touched on in the talk will include the photographers relationship to image, recognition technology and digital image archives, information flows and thought capital, and the theories of Agential Realism and Situated Knowledge as they relate to artistic production.

Henry Witecki is an interdisciplinary artist and writer living and working in the bay area. Witecki’s work manifest in large-scale immersive installations, collaborative sculptures, and works for the screen. His writing practice is primarily focused on cultural criticism and art reviewing. Witecki is also an avid YouTuber, producing everything from instructional videos to experimental analog video synthesis. is a repository for and gateway to his multi-faceted production. A recent MFA graduate of California College of the Arts, Witecki will be receiving a second Masters degree in Visual Critical Studies from CCA in 2013.

Henry Witecki’s new work, “The Bridge” (Curated by Stijn Schiffeleers) is currently on view in the BCNM Commons, 340 Moffitt Undergraduate Library, UC Berkeley through November 30, 2012. The piece may be viewed through the Commons window days and evenings. Presented by the Berkeley Center for New Media.

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  1. Henry Witeckis work is amazing. I really enjoy his style compared to a lot of other artists. Will be a great event and only 6 days away!

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